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If you are pregnant you may be experiencing physical stress and discomfort. Pregnant women often complain of lower back pain, sciatica, leg cramping and difficulty sleeping.  

Chiropractic treatment can be a relief to this pain and allow pregnant women to perform daily tasks more comfortably. It also can provide an easier birthing process and can restore alignment to the woman's spine after the birth of their baby.

Care for Kids

A child's body is put through a lot of different circumstances that may start to develop issues that need chiropractic care. These could be due to poor posture while on their phones, computers or watching TV, carrying their backpacks incorrectly, playing sports, or dealing with stress.

Dr. Sheehan has treated patients, from infants to youth, and is experienced in providing non-invasive gentle adjustments.  As with his own children who enjoy being adjusted, Dr. Sheehan's goal is to determine if treatment is needed and provide the utmost care to your family.

Family Chiropractic

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