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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is used in  the majority of activities that we engage in daily. Pain in the shoulder may come on suddenly or gradually. Regardless of the pain level it is important to have your shoulder examined by a chiropractor and treated promptly.  There are a list of symptoms that you should consider seek Chiropractic care for:

  • Inability to raise shoulder above your head

  • Pain when lifting or carrying objects

  • Bruising or swelling

  • Clicking noises when the joint is in movement

  • Frequent shoulder pain that comes on gradually or suddenly


By seeking treatment for these concerns, Dr. Sheehan will be able to identify sources of pain and target areas through soft tissue therapy and adjustments.

Arm and Leg Pain

By gently re-positioning the vertebrae and using a noninvasive gentle approach, Chiropractors are able to provide relief to extremity pain. 


Arm or leg pain may be due to obvious factors such as an injury, playing a sport, or lifting weights. Repetitive motion or patterns of work may also lead to pain in these ligaments.


Chiropractic adjustment, which can provide instant and long term relief to patients, is a method for correcting this pain. Through identifying the cause for concern, whether it be tendinitis, arthritis, or due to injury, Chiropractic care can treat the problem.  This is done through adjustments that re-align the spine and body. By doing this, Dr. Sheehan will focus on where the source usually lies and relieve the irritated nerves that are causing pain in your arms or legs. 


If this type of pain is bothering you, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Sheehan who can provide you with relief.

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